The purpose of this website is to pay tribute to those professionals who performed so admirably their duties at MACOI, the (US) Military Assistance Command (Vietnam) Office of Information.  The diverse personnel came from all branches of the US military, and they were supplemented by civilians selected from the local population of our ally, the Republic of Vietnam.

They functioned as a unit to gather and disseminate information about the war to each other, our troops, our allied troops, and to the world.  Thousands of tidbits, each of which was important to someone, somewhere, were processed daily.  They published a newspaper, informational pamphlets, daily news releases, monthly news summaries, and statistical reviews to be analyzed by higher echelons.  They ran a network of radio and TV stations which broadcast entertainment and news for the troops "from the Delta to the DMZ."  And they coordinated the efforts of the thousands of US and international reporters who traveled to Vietnam to bring the war to front pages and TV screens the world over, providing daily briefings for the print and broadcast media.  In short, the men and women of MACOI performed an impossible job with near-flawless precision each day, and the next day they did it again.

This website is intended to help convey this story to all interested parties, particularly for the families of former MACOIers, researchers, college and high school students, and the general web-surfing public.  It will attempt to introduce MACOI to the world, perhaps for the first time, and to tell the story from the point of view of the numerous individuals who worked behind the scenes, seven days a week, year-in, year-out, to provide a necessary service for their fellow countrymen.  This will be a micro website, and its focus will be on the names and faces of those Americans and Vietnamese who did the job, and it will seek to thank them for a job well done.

Obviously, your help is needed.  We need help in locating as many MACOIers as we can possibly find.  We are not looking just for the flag and field grade officers; we are also searching for the NCO's and those enlistees who populated the lower ranks of the military, as well as for the Vietnamese and American civilians who served us.  We want to tell their story.